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Most of the patrons I've talked to are from an alternate Earth. Which is weirdly selective, but there it is. There are a lot that don't have the League, Metropolis, or a lot of familiar personalities. Or anyone from the mask and cape crowds at all.

A few of the closer ones:

Early Bird
Contact: Dinah Lance (Florist)
Known Differences: Justice League started earlier. Mars may not be inhabited (still has Martian Manhunter)?

Contact: Lois Lane (Yup. Her.)
Known Differences: Metropolis and Gotham are in Kansas. No contact w/ Mars publicly.

Contact: Batwoman
Known Differences: See contacts, mentioned multiple Bat themed vigilantes in Gotham at different times. May or may not be Early Bird at a differnt point in the timeline.

I Spy
Contact: Mark Grayson (student)
Known Differences: No Justice League. Guardians of the Globe. The SM counterpart was also scouting for an alien invasion and killed the whole team. Fun times.

There are some weird universe out there.
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Inside a mountain, a teen girl shoves a duffel bag of dirty clothes into a washer. Other people are just delaying doing their homework. Or hanging out. (Robin is already done. Who's surprised?)

"Any idea what Artemis is up to?" asks Kid Flash, reaching for a bowl of pretzels.

Robin reaches over to pull the bowl closer, "You mean beside doing her laundry?"

"Yeah! No, I mean why do her laundry here? Why not at home?"

"What, do I look like M'Gann? 'Cause if you say 'yes' we're getting your eyes checked."

"Just, you know, curious. That's all."

"Uh huh. Sure."
thenewblack: the first six Team members in uniform (all together now)
August 3, 2010

Artemis hears the laughing first. Like a monkey run through a player piano.

What ever, it's mostly a quiet night otherwise in Gotham. (Two robbers and a jewel thief might be headlines in the flyover states, but this is Gotham. No one was themed tonight but her.)

It's kids her age, playing tag with a killer robot. The sidekicks.

No Speedy. No archer.

It limits them. The powers are enough to keep Robin at bay, Kid Flash's speed not up to tangling with the full range options this robot it putting out. None of them are one on one or even two at a time.

Just one set of powers at a time for the superpowered Xerox machine though...

That's something useable.

With the faintest smile she reaches for the broadheads in the quiver (can't go wrong with the classics) and draws back on her bow...


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